Three Word Review: The Gifted

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Three Word Review: Ghosted Pilot

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Three Word Review: The Brave

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The Brave

Three Word Review: Lethal Weapon Season Premiere

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Lethal weapon season 2

Three Word Review: Star Trek Discovery

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star trek discovery

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Looking for a sequel with characters that you love, that parodies it’s predecessor and creates even more characters to swoon over, then Kingsman: The Golden Circle should hit the bulls-eye.  When I try to imagine what other countries think a stereo typical American is like, I think it must be a clumsier version of the American Heroes we meet in the Statesman organization.  Whiskey drinking, tobacco chewing, cattle roping, swearing studs in cowboy hats.   Kingsman took the stereo type of an American Cowboy and gussied him up with a bolo tie, a whip and a souped up lasso the same way they fancied up the Englishmen with a brief case and a weaponized umbrella.  It was a marvelous juxtaposition and fun to watch.



Channing Tatum played Tequila, definitely the bad boy of the Statesman organization, my only complaint is that we didn’t see more of him in this film.  He embodied the cowboy character beautifully.  The re-use of the Take Me Home Country Road John Denver song kept reminding me of Logan Lucky,  but Tequila and Jimmy were different characters and Tatum made each performance unique.  I do think it’s odd that a John Denver song would have such a prominent role in not one but two movies featuring Channing Tatum but I am not going to read too much into that.

Halle Berry plays Ginger ale the  American counterpart to Merlin reprised by Mark Strong.  She was a little flat but Strong was so charismatic that he would have stolen the spotlight in their mutual scenes regardless.

Pedro Pascal with his Burt Reynolds good looks and handy use of a lasso rivaled Colin Firths Harry Hart. Firth never disappoints and the movie does a good job of indirectly comparing them without them competing with one another.

Eggsy played by Taron Egerton had a consistent performance and I enjoyed the new dimension to his character brought out by Hanna Alstrom who played Tilde, his love interest in the film.

Today is Stephen Kings birthday and it may be the last day that the latest movie adaptation of one of his thrillers,  IT holds the number spot. Kingsman The Golden Circle definitely is good enough to knock it off it’s perch.  Kingsman is a funny, violent and highly entertaining film.  I recommend that you see it in the theatre.

Three Word Review: The Good Place season premiere

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